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The Powder Room
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"The Powder Room” really is a quaint hideaway where the aesthetically conscious can visit for a quick beauty fix!  It offers a charming setting where you can feel at ease while exploring the very latest in Medical Aesthetics.  Our warm ambiance creates a feeling of serenity which is part of our unique approach – a private one on one consultation is offered to you by our nurse and cosmetic specialist.  We offer the very latest in anti-aging and cosmetic facial enhancements.

Kelly Carr, owner of The Powder Room is a qualified specialist in the area of derma fillers, and permanent cosmetics.  Her years of experience with special attention to detail has earned her a career as a teaching technician.  Kelly feels her background in Make-up artistry, colour anaylsis and the study of facial morphology have proven to be essential in her work today.

The Powder Room specializes in all the anti-aging marvels such as Botox, and derma fillers…Restylane, Perlane and Juvederm are the most widely used soft tissue fillers used today.  The very latest techniques for the use of these derma fillers are extraordinary!  The “Restylane lift” was just featured at the “New You Show” and we are very excited about offering this advanced process to our clients.

Our Medical skin care is just as exciting!  Our prescription system Skin TX is a program that is tailored for your individual needs.  Physician directed peels such as Cosmelan 2 and the Green peel offer radical changes to sun damaged, hyper pigmented and aged skin. 

Permanent make-up… however not new, offers newer promises! The
latest advancements in colour and techniques make it possible to offer more subtle enhancements.  Hair simulation (Feather stroke) eyebrows are very realistic- especially when two colours are incorporated.  Eye liner and lip liner are still very popular, although women are asking for softer results!   The convenience of permanent make-up has always appealed to women, and with the “Less is More” approach even the most timid are exploring the possibilities.

The Powder Room is dedicated to cultivating women’s beauty.  Our interests are sincere, and your beauty is our interest!

Call for your private consultation, our medical staff, and cosmetic specialists would be delighted to meet and explore your possibilities.