Permanent Make Up is a site designed to allow you the consumers to be able to easily and quickly locate permanent makeup professionals in your city, town or neighbourhood.
From one location you are able explore a wide range of professionals from across North America. You are able to compare their services and qualifications and be in contact with a technician at the click of a mouse or direct in a phone call.
Planning on having cosmetic tattooing in the future? Visit this site regularly and stay abreast of special monthly promotions from the listed technicians in your area.
Are you travelling to a vacation destination and want permanent make-up applied when you get there? Simply click on the city you are travelling to or type in the location in the search feature, evaluate the company of your choice, make contact and book an appointment.
Looking for information on Permanent Make Up? Visit “The Informed Consumer” to learn more about these exciting procedures, what is new in the industry or what you should be aware of.
Medical Clinics and Health Spas and Salons
Are you looking to offer this service in your Plastic Surgery Clinic, Spa Facility or Beauty Salon and want to hire a technician from your area? Permanent Make Up Technicians is the perfect vehicle for you to conduct your search. These professionals have varying degrees of training and expertise and there is one listed in your vicinity that will suit your needs. No one listed? They soon will be. In the interim, contact us at and we will locate one for you.