About Us
Permanent Make Up Technicians.com is a site dedicated to providing a central search location for consumers looking for information about the permanent make up business. It provides informative articles about the business, the different technologies involved and where you can go to have procedures performed.
Whether you are a consumer simply looking for information or to find a technician in your area to have procedures performed, this site is dedicated to connecting consumers with permanent make up businesses and technicians.
We showcase Permanent Make Up professionals from all over North America who have listed themselves with our powerful search engine to direct you to their business and services. Our comprehensive business directory listing enables Permanent Makeup Technicians to enter their business name, location, description, business logo, contact information, hours of operation and other relevant information so that consumers can easily locate you and find all the information they need to contact your business.
Click on the city listed, or type in your town closest to it, and who you see, performs permanent make up procedures. Their affiliations are listed and a description of their services.
Our frequently updated website features Permanent Makeup news and articles for consumers as well as industry news and new product information and special discount offers for industry experts.