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Look Lady!
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Look Lady is located in Sylvan Lake, Alberta (just west of Red Deer between Calgary and Edmonton) Marnie is a Certified Permanent Make-up Artist - certified by Dr. Blanca Vanier.
EliminInkMicro Areola Pigmentation

 *Pigments are completely safe - *There are NO surprises.
Your design is measured for symmetry, shape, and proper placement. Pictures are taken throughout the process and your approval is of utmost importance.
                        *Topical Anesthetic is applied to minimize sensation. *No down-time.
You can resume your daily activities immediately. Any flaking and healing is done in about 4 or 5 days. Color fades to approximately 1/2 the intensity shown in the after pictures, ultimately revealing a natural, attractive look. Color will last 1 - 5 years on lips, and 2 - 8 years on brows and eyeliner. Maturity and oil/moisture content of skin, skin type & quality, skin treatments, sun exposure, and tattoo pigment shades used will all affect the longevity and purity of color.
*Procedures take approximately one hour for eyeliner, two hours for brows, and between two and three hours for lips. Quick, Easy and Skillfully Done!
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                                                                    Eyebrow and Top & Bottom Eyeliner