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Adriana's Skin Care Medi-Aesthetic & Boutique
1-591 Landcaster St. West, Kitchener, ON
N2K1M5 Canada
Adriana's Skin Care houses a unique setting for her Permanent Makeup Services and Tattoo removal.
Micro Certified ProfessionalEliminInkMicro Areola Pigmentation

Adrienn Zehr  Owner of Adriana's Skin Care
Adrienn specializes in Permanent Makeup procedures, Areola  Re-pigmentation and Tattoo lightening and removal.
Permanent Makeup is perfect for the busy professional or for someone who wants to wake up with their makeup intact.  Permanent eyeliner both top and bottom, lip liner to contour the mouth as well as full lip shading. 
Tired of using a makeup pencil every day, trying to color in sparse eyebrows? Permanent eyebrows using simulated hair strokes has a completely natural look.

 Adrienn is constantly upgrading her education to better serve the company's clientel bringing the latest services to the Kitchener area.
Areola Re-Pigmentation
Adriana's Skin Care offers areola re-pigmentation for ladies who have undergone breast reconstruction as a cancer survivor.
EliminInk Tattoo Removal
The  company utilizes the "EliminInk" Tattoo removal system for unwanted tattoos or to simply make way for " a new picture on the wall"  Call for more information  
Other services offered include European Facials , Customized Organic Skincare products, Lash Extentions, Mani- pedi and Waxing Services



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