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Kym's Nails, Permanent Makeup & Tattoo Removal
37 Pearl Drive, Dartmouth, NS
B2V 2T7 Canada
I am 50 yrs young woman embarking on a new journey in my life, who is a self-employed at home business offering beauty services to men and women...feeling beautiful is just the beginning
Micro Certified ProfessionalEliminInkMicro Color Through The SkinMicro Sloped NeedleMicro Areola Pigmentation

My business offers diverse beauty options for a woman who wants it all.  I offer gel nails, pediques, permanent polishes as well as basic manicures & pedicures using only LCN products.

Offering Xtreme eyelash extensions the global leaders in eyelashes which can be worn alone or enhanced with mascara.

My permanent makeup services are eyebrows, eyeliners upper & lower, lip liner/fill &  tattoo removal.  Also, nipple aerola re-pigmentation for women or men that have undergone breast augmentation.

Please feel free to call or email or visit my website  with any questions in  regards to the above mentioned services. 

All the Best