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Glamazon Cosmetology
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Glamazon Cosmetology is a medical grade, high class establishment for permanent makeup and cosmetic tattooing. Our nurse provides the safest and most effective client centered care to achieve the beau
Fundamental Training

Natasha H. BSN.

Natasha graduated from York University with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing with honours. She is currently a member of the College of Nurses of Ontario and during her career she has practiced in various areas including cardiology, medical aesthetics, and post surgical nursing.


With her passion of beauty and makeup, Natasha furthered her cosmetic education at the largest educational facility in North America the Micropigmentation Center. She is now proficient in cosmetic and corrective tattooing (Micropigmentation), and is using the latest techniques, medical knowledge, as well as the best FDA approved inks on the market. With her in-depth medical knowledge, Natasha confidently performs more cosmetic and corrective tattooing than any other healthcare professional in Ontario. Being a nurse, makeup lover, perfectionist, and having a great sense of humour Natasha makes her clients feel safe, at ease, and most importantly beautiful on the inside and out.